The Knowing Eye


Author: Sagar Singh
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‘The Knowing Eye’ is The third collection of poems written by Sagar Singh, written in the last three years, but encompassing more than that – with a selection of his better poems, written previously, included in the second section. But this collection is quite different from the first two books, in that while the dominant style is still free verse, there are more of traditional forms, with many sonnets, besides use of couplets, and alternating rhyme sequences. There are also other complex rhyme patterns that he left to you to find out.
The book also includes a collection of his short poems that were appraised by a Professor of English Literature in UK, who found them ‘impressive’. He do not call them haikus, though they are three-line poems. It is his belief that it is near impossible to write haikus in English in the way they are written by the Japanese.
The book also includes poems written in an un-spoken Indian tradition; poems with a philosophical touch; humorous poems; and poems on love, togetherness and remembrance. Apart from the sonnets that are still, in a way, traditional, though on ‘things modern’, the collection is largely modern. We hope you enjoy it.


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