Taqadam! Taqadam!! (Charaiveti! Charaiveti!!) (Arabic)

By (author)Ram Naik


Originally written in Marathi by Shri Ram Naik, the title of the book Charaiveti ! Charaiveti !! which means keep walking/keep marching. The title is both emotive and philosophical. From our ancient ethos of continuous change to Buddha’s philosophy of Charaiveti, to Gurudev’s call of Ekla Chalo, the philosophy of eternal and continuous change is reflected in everybody’s life as stagnation leads to death and marching ahead is life. The books is a brief account of the unique life of Shri Ram Naik who played an instrumental role in introducing the practice of singing of “Jana gana mana” and “Vande Matram” on the opening and closing days of every Session of Parliament. This reflected his originality of ideas. It is the story of a struggling soul which will inspire many to overcome odds in their lives. As you flip the pages, you will get a glimpse of Shri Ram Naik as a person, his successful fight against cancer and about his long years and achievements in public life.

Book Name: Charaivet! Charaivet!!

Language: Urdu

ISBN: 978-93-86240-60-X

Author: Ram Naik

Format: Hardcover

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 25 × 2.5 × 17 cm
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