My Scot Free Soul


Author: Jagmit Singh
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This is the inspirational story of a person who struggled to find peace and love while undertaking an arduous journey to embellish and adorn his life with all the exuberant belongings. An individual who always got caught in the vicious circle of responsibilities from outside while battling frigid and pitiless behavior of his loved ones from inside. A man who always endeavors to perform his errands, discharge his duties and complete his liabilities while sidelining his own contentment and pleasures of life. It is not an ordinary story of a man who died trying to feed his family and in the end gets the bed of thorns which he had never expected throughout his life. It is the testament of brutal substantiality of life from which everyone can draw lessons to use them at some point in their life. It is the family love that keeps you going through all odds, through the dark in the search of light and through hell in search of God. It reveals the lessons that one learns as he or she fights their way through various tribunals and trials of everyday life to earn their subsistence. It’s a story of determination, perseverance and ambition. I would like to convey my special thanks to almighty God who poured some beautiful ideas into my mind while writing this book. I hope this book will be insightful and inspirational to you to have a positive change in your life.


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