Forest Flaura of Uttar Pradesh


Book Name: Forest Flaura of Uttar Pradesh

Author: Harsh Bardhan Naithani

ISBN: 978-93-86240-40-8

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Uttar Pradesh was once the largest state in the northern part of India. In 27th November 2000 the state of Uttarakhand came in to being as 27th state of Indian Republic which was carved out from Uttar Pradesh. Present Uttar Pradesh spread over an area of 2,40,928 sq km which is 7.33% of the geographical area of the country. The major portion of the states is in Gangetic plain. The recorded forest area of the state is 16,582 sq km which is 6.88% of its geographical area.
European botanists viz. T.Hardwicks, Colonol Munro, Edgeworth, Anderson were the first who attracted to explore the area, then known by the name of United Provinces of British India. T.Hardwicks established a Botanical Garden at Saharanpur in 1820. J.F.Duthie Superintendent, Botanical Garden at Saharanpur published “The Flora of the Upper Gangetic Plain and the adjacent Siwaliks and Sub-Himalayan Tracts” during the period 1903-20. Duthie was appointed Director of Botanical Department of Northern India, stationed at Dehra Dun and here he stayed till the retirement in 1902. After Duthie’s Flora, the floristic of the forest flora of the plains of Uttar Pradesh was neglected. P.C.Kanjilal son of famous U.N.Kanjilal in the year 1933 published “Forest Flora of Pilibhit, Oudh, Gorakhpur and Bundelkhand”. Later in 1966 he revised his above mentioned flora and gave the name “Forest Flora For the Plains of Uttar Pradesh” which was published in volume II and III. The I volume of his flora was probably never published. P.C.Kanjilal also not included the plants from the Saharanpur area and its Siwaliks hills and plains of Kumaon region because of B.L.Gupta in 1929 while revising and enlarging U.N.Kanjilal’s flora entitled “The Forest Flora of the Charkata, Dehra Dun and Saharanpur Forest Division Uttar Pradesh” has already included plants from Saharanpur Siwaliks. A.E.Osmaston (1927) included plants from plains of Kumaon region in “The Forest Flora for Kumaon”. In the present flora author has included plants from Saharanpur and its Siwaliks of Uttar Pradesh. The book comprises 400 species of dicotyledons spread over 282 genera and 79 families; 26 species of monocotyledons spread over 11 genera under 8 families. Only species (Pinus roxburghii) recorded under Gymnosperms.

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