Child Rights, Safety, Welfare & Well being

By (author)Preeti Awasthi


Book Name: Child Rights, Safety, Welfare & Well being

ISBN: 978-93-86240-35-4


The Book is a comprehensive compendium on child rights, protection and their welfare in the global world from a child development perspective. Ideas about childhood and the upbringing of children vary widely, depending upon the prevailing economic, socio- cultural, religious and political context. These have had dramatic effects on the way societies value children and the role acquired by the state in their protection and well-being. Some traditional cultural practices place children at risk, especially girl child.
Countries can enact visionary laws intended to protect children but they will be ineffective against entrenched social attitude especially if only limited resources can be provided to implement and enforce them. This is the ultimate challenge that the world community must address if the vision of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is to be realized.

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