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  • Glimpses

    “Glimpses” is a compilation of the poems composed by Khaleel Ahmad. During his schooling, the words from the Bard of Avon……..”find tongue in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stones and good in every thing,” got deeply imbibed in his person when he was a little boy. This changed his outlook and attitude. He began beholding the things and incidents happening around him, in a different way. It enabled him to discover unseen aspects of these things. He found that storms uproot strong trees but do no harm to grass, and when a big ship like Titanic is sunk, despite the best of the sailors have tried their best, these are the small boats who come to rescue the victims of the sinking ship. He has drawn their sketches in words and produced a bioscope with the reel of the glimpses of these sketches. He firmly believes that universe is a creation in couples, by the Creator, So he opted couplets to compose poems. He has chosen different matters as theme of his poems. ‘Justice’ is a commentary on the prevailing judicial system, “A city that bleeds” gives vent to the pangs and whines of the victims of the armed conflict against terrorists, “civilized “ is a sarcastic attack on the civilized persons resorting to communal violence for personal greed. “The real victory” is a sketch of so called strong man, who hides his tears, lest it may smear his image as a strong man, He has also raised the psychological issues in his poems. He firmly believes that universe is a creation in couples, by the Creator, So he opted couplets to compose poems.

  • My Existentiality

    ‘My Existentiality’ is a contemporary book that represents today’s society from the author’s outlook. In the book, She has categorized her written essays in three sections while the fourth one offers soothing rhymes.

  • Roads to Nowhere

    ROADS TO NOWHERE is a collection of non-fictional prose on a variety of topics ranging from autobiographical narratives through critiques on contemporary life, ecological discourses, memories of poets and poetry, interrogations and introspections. The essays may have been written during diverse occasions but they follow a common stream of intellectual and critical inquiry, an inquiry into misplaced value systems and dislocated collective memory. These narratives with their thought provoking interest and consuming, passionate, ideological involvement with everyday life, are certain to provide hours of pleasure and interest for the general reader and the inquiring undergraduate student alike.